Changing careers might be one of the hardest tasks to undertake because it is such a psychologically and socially complex task to achieve. Not only do you need to be clear on what you want but you also need to shift the way others perceive you. Most of us fell into a career without much […]

Career Change, Career Purpose

Career Shifts: The Roles We Play

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Confidently Turn All Your Interviews Into Offers Are you so stressed about interviewing that it’s stopping you from applying to jobs? Or, do you consistently get rejected from jobs after starting the interview cycle?    Last week, one of my clients said she has grown so much in self-confidence that her interviews are feeling like […]

Career Motivation, Career Purpose

Confidently Turn All Your Interviews Into Offers

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We are nearly halfway through the year and I want to remind you that you are, in fact, allowed to reinvent yourself and your career as often as you want.   There really is no 1 way to be “successful” anymore. With the rise of social channels, disruptive industries, and the diversity of marketing strategies, […]

Career Purpose

3 Reasons Why You Should Reinvent Yourself

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Does anyone know the perfect way to choose a career path? No but we all have our theories.   My theory has less to do with the job and more to do with self-awareness. Only you can determine what your next step is and here is the biggest key to it: you don’t have to […]

Career Purpose, Job Search

Is There A Perfect Career Path?

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“Soul sucking”, “crushing”, “miserable” are just some of the ways that you all have described your job search when we talk. So in this week’s post, I am going to give you 5 ways to stay calm, cool and collected during your job search. 1. Prioritize what you give your energy   You really don’t […]

Job Search

5 Ways Stay Calm During A Job Search

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What do you do?   That sentence is asked so frequently that we all have an answer to it. It is usually one of the first 3 things a person asks you when you first meet and because of that, most of us strongly identify with our job title.   One of my very first […]

Career Purpose

What Is In A Job Title?

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