Does anyone know the perfect way to choose a career path? No but we all have our theories.   My theory has less to do with the job and more to do with self-awareness. Only you can determine what your next step is and here is the biggest key to it: you don’t have to […]

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Is There A Perfect Career Path?

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“Soul sucking”, “crushing”, “miserable” are just some of the ways that you all have described your job search when we talk. So in this week’s post, I am going to give you 5 ways to stay calm, cool and collected during your job search. 1. Prioritize what you give your energy   You really don’t […]

Job Search

5 Ways Stay Calm During A Job Search

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I spent 13 years helping companies transform their processes to make them more efficient. For the most part I saw a lot of value from the processes we were developing but there was one area that I couldn’t fully make sense of: performance management, also known as your twice-yearly performance reviews. A little over 80% […]

Career Purpose

Why does everyone hate their jobs?

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