Who doesn’t want to be successful, right? It’s just a little disingenuous how we tell stories of success these days. We tend to prefer stories that start out with a mishap or difficult circumstance and then turn into a miraculous recovery! But what about the middle part? The part where you have a job you […]

Career Purpose

Creating Your Vision of Success

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“Soul sucking”, “crushing”, “miserable” are just some of the ways that you all have described your job search when we talk. So in this week’s post, I am going to give you 5 ways to stay calm, cool and collected during your job search. 1. Prioritize what you give your energy   You really don’t […]

Job Search

5 Ways Stay Calm During A Job Search

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Narrowing your focus to the exact types of jobs you want to have is going to completely transform how you view applying to jobs, how you feel about the process and even how much time you feel you are using efficiently vs wasting. Narrowing your focus has 2 steps and they are easier than it […]

Career Challenge

Narrow Your Focus & Save Time In Your Job Search

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It is the last week in February which means we have 8.5 months left to get you into your dream career. In order to do that you cannot start with the resume and cover letter, you have to start by creating a career strategy and I am going to break down the 3 parts of […]

Career Challenge

Why You Need A Career Strategy

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