Unfortunately, I work with many people that are in the same situation, but don't worry - it won't be like this forever. Together, we'll work hard to find the perfect balance between your job, income, your connection with your company, your leadership opportunities and the impact you feel you're making in the world. 

Are you feeling burned out in your current job or company?

Are You READY for a Career you feel connected WHERE YOU are valued for the work you do?

Do you feel that your life lacks impact?

Private Coaching

We will start with a questionnaire that delves deep into your experience, goals and desires for your career and how it will impact your life

Get to know you

The first meeting is for us to strategize the long term career goals and plan out the short terms actions to take to get you there. We will create a custom career strategy plan for you based on your goals and needs


From our first meeting we will be developing your story which is centered around your expert skills, knowledge, unique personality traits and how they come together to define your professional brand. This alone will radically transform your career forever!


Live coaching calls where we will review the framework, strategies and next steps. We cover everything from application through negotiating the offer.

1:1 coaching calls

You will have items to work on each week, so be ready to put in the commitment of time to ensure you get results from this program. 

Action items

Full access to email & text support Monday to Friday (usually weekends but don’t tell anyone else), access to all digital guides, resume & cover letter audits, personalized interview prep & talking points, and mindset mastery tips!  

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Client Results

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"You feel like you can achieve anything when Angela is in your corner, and you do"

Brianna B. | Investment Management

"I personally worked with Angela, and she was great from start to finish"

Mariana | Legal, Non-Profit

"She guided me during the transition of my career change."

Silvia | Accounting & Finance

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If you are a passion-driven professional that works hard and is ready to take on a more senior leadership position in an organization you admire where you can create real impact - this is for you! Join me in this free masterclass to learn how to position yourself as the expert that companies are looking for.

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Are you ready to transform your career?


Prefer a Self-Paced Option? 

This self-paced online course will teach you the 6 key steps to landing the job of your dreams and successfully negotiating your salary up.  You get email and text support throughout the program as well as once-weekly calls so you are never lost or stuck or feel that you are going at it alone. We are fully invested in your success and will help you get there fast!