The process of becoming a self-made success instilled in her a determination to help other up and coming professionals make their transitions into the managerial realm easier. 
Her mission is to drastically transform the way we prepare ambitious professionals for executive positions by empowering them to leverage their unique talents to create a true brand for themselves that they are recognized for. 
She firmly believes that money is how corporations show value to their employees and wants all her clients to be highly valued executives at the organizations they choose to work for.  

Angela has inspired and equipped hundreds of business leaders and executives with thousands of operational improvements to make their companies efficient on a global scale. She is considered one of the industry's leading experts with a knowledge of global people operations that is almost unparalleled in the field.
Angela started her career 13 years ago as a Compensation Consultant. From there she went on to lead some of the world's largest HR & People Strategy projects for the world's largest global organizations. 

In my 13 years of HR experience, I've Become an
Industry Leading Expert I want to help you do the same.

A career strategist, entrepreneur and high vibe goal-getter with a radically different approach to helping ambitious professionals get executive level jobs where they can create a true impact on the world around them.

Hi, I'm angela!

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I know everything THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT people strategies in the workplace and I want to share that with YOU SO YOU NEVER FEEL STUCK on the road to career success!

My mission is to empower you to apply for and get a higher level job at a company you admire by helping you develop your professional "brand" & control the conversations about you and around you. 
Your brand is the combination of knowledge, skills and traits that make you unique in both your ability to lead and your expertise in your field. 
When you can speak to your own expertise, others will see it in you!

After spending the last 13 years operating the most complex people projects for the world's largest organizations, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge into the exact traits that companies are looking for when they hire and promote you. 
These tools and strategies will increase your confidence and give you complete career freedom to pick and choose your next job. 
I cannot wait to share each and every detail with you! 

I have a Master's Degree in Organizational Management, an MBA in International Business and a BA in Psychology

I spent 13 years in HR Consulting for Fortune 500 companies & 2 years in Finance Consulting

I started out with nothing and crated a successful career of multiple six figures for myself

Called on for the world's most complex HR projects for my ability to execute while always making people a priority.

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