The process of becoming a self-made success instilled in her a determination to help others achieve their career goals and transitions with ease. 
Her mission is to rip open the curtain of secrecy and tell you every single thing you need to know to truly transform the way you think of yourself and how you show up for your own career each and every day. 
With an innovative career development framework that you won't find anywhere else, these tools will set you free to succeed for the rest of your career. 
If you feel stuck yet you know you have the desire and drive to succeed, contact Angela today and get ready to transform your career from stress to success!

Angela has inspired and equipped hundreds of professionals with the tools they need to create success in their companies, their teams and their personal careers. She is a change & transformation expert and has developed strategies for Fortune 100 companies and executive teams.  She is considered an industry leader with a knowledge of global people operations that is almost unparalleled in the field.
Angela started her career 15 years ago as a Compensation Consultant. From there she went on to lead some of the world's largest HR & People Strategy projects for the world's largest global organizations. 
She continues grow her knowledge by bringing empathy, curiosity and a passion for change into her work. 

I Am An  Industry Leading HR Expert, a self-made success, and a supporter of you! I want to help you
create the career of your dreams!

A career growth strategist and goal-getter with a radically different & transparent approach to helping ambitious professionals take back the power in their careers, achieve their goals and build their dream careers! 


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I have a Master's Degree in Organizational Management, an MBA in International Business and a BA in Psychology

15 years in HR Strategy for Fortune 500 companies & 7 years in Private 1:1 Career Coaching

I started out with nothing and continue creating my own success in life, work, wealth and health balance

A fierce supporter of people and strategist of people ops, I believe in empathy and action to achieve your goals

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