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I'm Angela

I help aSPIRING LEADERs CREATE  a career they love & get paid their worth

My mission is to transform the way we prepare aspiring leaders for executive positions by helping them combine their unique skills, experience and knowledge into a compelling "professional brand story".
Once you can speak to your own value as a leader, others will see it in you and companies will be competing to hire you!

I am an industry leading HR expert and one of the very best in the game. I know everything there is to know about Global People Operations and I want to share that with all of you so don't feel stuck in a job that is burning you out or a job that isn't challenging you. 
When you are ready to transition into a leadership role, I will help you get there! 



C-Suite Mastermind

Unfortunately, I work with many people that are in the same situation, but don't worry - it won't be like this forever. Together, we'll work hard to find the perfect balance between your job, income, your connection with your company and the impact you feel you're making in the world. 

Private career coaching

Are you feeling burned out in your current job or company?

Would like to find a job you feel connected to and WHERE are valued for the work you do?

Do you feel that your LIFE lacks impact?

EXECUTIVE Job search secrets

Free masterclass!

If you are a passion-driven professional that works hard and is ready to take on a more senior leadership position in an organization you admire where you can create real impact - this is for you! Join me in this free masterclass to learn how to position yourself as the expert that companies are looking for.

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"You feel like you can achieve anything when Angela is in your corner, and you do"

Brianna B. | Investment Management

"I personally worked with Angela, and she was great from start to finish"

Mariana | Legal, Non-Profit

"She guided me during the transition of my career change.

Silvia | Accounting & Finance

guiding you to a career you love

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Through blog posts, videos and free masterclasses, I share my most valuable tips on creating a fulfilling career of impact. 

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